Sydney, 16 February 2022: The Night Time Industries Association has welcomed the NSW Labor announcement that the remit of the 24 Hour Commissioner’s Office would be expanded to include the Greater Cities Commission’s ‘Six Cities’ and the office made a statutory appointment.

Night Time Industries Association CEO Mick Gibb says the announcement is a welcome commitment toward bolstering the night time economy.

“One of the biggest risks to revitalising the night time economy is inertia and inaction. We can’t rest on our laurels and say that the job is done because more people are out at night – there’s still a huge job ahead.

“Giving the 24 Hour Economy Commissioner’s Office an expanded remit means the office can build on its significant work to date and orchestrate the mechanisms of government to push for real change that bolsters industry. A stronger night time economy means more jobs, opportunities and prospects for NSW.

“One of the first agenda items must be auditing sound and noise legislation. Right now sound from a live music venue is treated in much the same way as a construction site. It’s an inappropriate regulatory regime that gives vexatious complainants too many avenues to complain.

“By bringing together planning, transport, police and other key government agencies some of the big challenges facing the night time economy can be addressed. Giving the Commissioner’s office the scope to achieve this is welcome news for night time operators.”


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