Our mission and purpose

The Night Time Industries Association’s mission is to rebuild, protect and grow night time experiences and industries – encompassing providers and supporters of hospitality, arts & culture, events and performance.

We represent these industries collectively. We advocate, we educate and we collaborate to support growth and innovation in the night time economy.

We appreciate the value of an accessible, inspiring, vibrant and diverse night time economy – we aim to prove that to the public while delivering meaningful changes that benefit business owners and workers alike.

What we do


We represent night time industries’ interests and issues to influential stakeholders and decision makers. We do this across sectors to seek a robust and resilient night time economy.

Collaboration and networking

We bring together operators across night time industry sectors to collaborate and network together. Through in-person events, webinar briefings and working groups we create a community of night time industry leaders.

Youth Advisory Council

Our Youth Advisory Council of 18 to 30 year olds provides the NTIA and its membership with crucial insights into the state of night time experiences. The Youth Advisory Council gives a voice to a crucial component of the night.

Resources and best practice

We develop and distribute best practice guidebooks, materials and resources for our members to support them in their operations.

Our team

Our leadership and board of directors is a reflection of our ongoing commitment to be a diverse association of cultural leaders amongst our collective night time industries.

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