Our mission and purpose

The Night Time Industries Association’s mission is to rebuild, protect and grow night time experiences and industries – encompassing providers and supporters of hospitality, arts & culture, events and performance.

We represent these industries collectively. We advocate, we educate and we collaborate to support growth and innovation in the night time economy.

We appreciate the value of an accessible, inspiring, vibrant and diverse night time economy – we aim to prove that to the public while delivering meaningful changes that benefit business owners and workers alike.

Credit: Destination NSW

Our work to date

The Night Time Industries Association was founded in 2018 to promote Sydney as a vibrant and creative city, and to build a new positive narrative for Sydney’s nightlife.

In launching the ‘Unite for the Night’ campaign, the NTIA called for government to remove unnecessary regulation and for night time industries to work together. The outcome of NTIA’s sustained efforts culminated in all lockout restrictions being lifted in Sydney just two years later.

Prompted by the impacts of COVID-19, the NTIA expanded its reach and launched the ‘Keep Our Venues Alive’ and ‘Check.Check.Check’ campaigns. Both campaigns were aimed at supporting venues through the pandemic and enabling a rapid recovery as restrictions abated.

The NTIA also actively participated in all sessions of the Industry Advisory Group and helped to shape the NSW 24 Hour Economy Strategy.

As venues reopened, The NTIA launched the ‘Let’s Hear It’ educational campaign to encourage venues and neighbours to come together and communicate to reduce sound issues and complaints.

The NTIA is a tireless advocate, championing the industry voice to influential stakeholders such as government, media, regulators and government departments.

The NTIA has launched a bold industry recovery roadmap to make clear what the night time industries need to build a strong, safe and resilient night time economy.

As the NSW State Election looms in March 2023, the NTIA is intensifying its bi-partisan advocacy for the night time industries.

Our team

Our leadership and board of directors is a reflection of our ongoing commitment to be a diverse association of cultural leaders amongst our collective night time industries.