How brands and venues can form lasting partnerships

We have rounded up the top takeaways and insights following our webinar on brand and venue partnerships. This webinar featured expert insights and advice from:

How can venues engage brands for partnerships?

Understand Brand Fit

Brands are looking for a great brand fit and to create amazing experiences in collaboration with the venue for as many people as possible.

Brands want to partner with venues that reflect their image and appeal to their target audience. Before reaching out to a brand, make sure your venue aligns with what they represent. Think about the vibe and demographic of your place and how that meshes with the brand’s identity.

Communicate Clearly

Great communication equals great outcomes.

Open and honest communication is key. Don’t hesitate to reach out and have a chat with brand representatives. Lay your cards on the table about what you can offer and what you’re hoping to achieve together.

Showcase Experience

We are looking to create memorable experiences that align with our brand’s goals.

Brands love venues that can create lasting memories for their customers. Highlight past events or experiences that were particularly successful and align with the brand’s ethos. Show them that you can provide a platform for unforgettable moments.

How can venues demonstrate the value they add?

Metrics and Data

Have a really clear value proposition as to what you can offer.

Brands need to see hard data. Provide statistics on your foot traffic, social media reach, and the types of customers you attract. This helps them understand the potential impact of partnering with you.

Staff and Social Influence

Your staff’s social media reach can be a valuable asset.

Don’t overlook the power of your team. If your bartenders or chefs have a significant following on social media, this can be a huge plus. Highlight their influence and how they can help promote the brand.

Consistent Quality

Every kind of big brand activation is for nothing if you don’t do the basics well.

Ensure your venue consistently delivers high-quality experiences. This includes everything from the drinks you serve to the cleanliness of your glasses. Brands want to partner with venues that have a reputation for excellence.

How to form a lasting relationship

Long-term Relationships

The best partnerships are built on long-term relationships, not just one-offs.

Brands are looking for lasting partnerships. Show them how you plan to integrate their products and branding into your venue over the long haul. This could include regular events or ongoing promotions.

Tailored Proposals

Customise your proposal to align with the brand’s objectives and values.

A one-size-fits-all proposal won’t cut it. Tailor your pitch to the brand’s specific goals and image. Detail how you’ll feature their products on your menu, what kind of signage you can offer, and how you’ll promote them through your channels.

Flexibility and Collaboration

It’s about having a good open conversation with the venue.

Be open to collaboration and willing to adapt. Work together with the brand to ensure both parties’ goals are met. Flexibility and a willingness to cooperate can go a long way in forming a successful partnership.

Plan your events with the brand in mind

Innovative Ideas

The quality of the idea is the most important piece.

Come up with creative and engaging event ideas that can capture the brand’s essence. Think outside the box and propose concepts that can be exciting and memorable for your patrons.

Integrated Experiences

We want to ensure that Smirnoff’s participation elevates the experience above what it could have been without it.

Plan events that naturally incorporate the brand into the experience. The brand should enhance the event, not overshadow it. Make sure the integration feels seamless and adds value to the overall experience.

Digital and Physical Presence

The ability to amplify the platform through paid, earned media channels is a real critical enabler of these partnerships.

Combine your physical events with digital campaigns to maximize reach. Use social media and other digital platforms to promote the event and the brand, extending the impact beyond the walls of your venue.