Sydney, 23 March 2022: Pubs, bars and clubs will shut their music off for five minutes on Friday night to send a stark reminder of what the state’s nightlife is like without music, entertainment and fun.

The initiative, kickstarted by the Night Time Industries Association and Independent Bars Association, is in support of the Vote Music campaign

At 9:30pm on Friday 24th March, iconic venues such as The Abercrombie, The Marly, Stitch Bar and Earl’s Juke Joint will all shut the music off for five minutes. 

Night Time Industries Association CEO Mick Gibb says the action is about reminding people of the crucial place nightlife vibrancy has in our state and just what it feels like when the music stops.

“Without the night time sector, the vibrancy and excitement in NSW will totally disappear. There’s been great progress to improve Sydney’s nightlife but we can’t throw our hands in the air and say, ‘job done’.

“If we don’t have a world class nightlife offering we won’t be a world class city where skilled workers want to come and live. Pretty harbours and beautiful beaches only get you so far, you need a cultural offering and live music to match.

“This initiative isn’t about telling people who to vote for. It’s about making a clear statement that the night matters and that live music matters by supporting the Vote Music campaign.”

President of the Independent Bars Association Karl Schlothauer says, “Independent Bars have always been big supporters of emerging independent artists and the live music scene. The IBA will encourage its members to take five minutes to show the people of NSW how dull life would be without music.”


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