Sydney, 8 February 2022: The Night Time Industries Association welcomes NSW Labor’s announcement to make outdoor dining permanent and reduce red tape for small businesses and night time operators.

The NTIA has welcomed NSW Labor’s announcement that it will make current outdoor dining regulations permanent and enable night time operators to apply through local councils rather than the state government.

The announcement of a NSW Small Business Bureau tasked with helping businesses navigate the regulatory landscape, reduce red tape and offer guidance to access grants and initiatives is also a welcome policy. 

Night Time Industries Association CEO Mick Gibb said the move would give night time operators more certainty that their investments in outdoor dining would have longevity and deliver a return on investment.

“By making outdoor dining permanent, pubs, restaurants and cafes can have certainty that when they invest in outdoor seating their investment won’t be for nought when the trial is slated to end in December 2023.

“It’s plain to see that the trial has been hugely successful. When you walk past any pub, restaurant or cafe it’s clear that patrons love the chance to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air. 

“It makes sense that a big green tick is put next to the trial and that we make this a permanent fixture of nightlife in NSW. The NTIA encourages all parties to take the next step and support night time operators to host live entertainment outdoors as well.

“For a small operator, navigating the regulatory landscape can feel like an impossible task. Helping businesses make sense of what grants and initiatives may be available to them saves operators time and resources that would otherwise be spent scouring for information. 

Solotel Group Chief Operating Officer Ben Stephens said:

“The outdoor dining initiative has been very positive for our venues and their respective communities, so making it permanent would be terrific. Any assistance to navigate the hospitality regulatory landscape is also very welcome and means we can dedicate more time to providing a platform for music and the wider arts community through our venues.”


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