The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) has welcomed the overturning of the NSW lockouts, extended trading hours and extension of after-midnight drinks service in key nightlife areas from 14 January 2020 onwards, along with the introduction of a suite of reforms to improve and revitalise Sydney’s night time economy.

Michael Rodrigues, Chair of the NTIA said, “The Joint Select Committee report on Night Time Economy prompted these reforms and it is fantastic to see the key recommendations are supported in today’s announcement – its a great start!”

“Turning Sydney’s night life back on, isn’t as simple as flicking a switch – we’ll be taking our time to ensure the industry does its part to get Sydney back on track in a considered way – and we in particular welcome the establishment of an Industry Advisory Group where we hope to be able to play a part in bringing a range of night time voices to help shape the future of Sydney’s night life.” said Rodrigues.

 The NTIA welcomes the opportunity to engage with Stuart Ayers who we understand will be leading the reforms as the minister responsible. “Minister Ayer’s leadership in this area makes sense for a number of reasons including the role that night time plays in tourism, innovation and the State’s economy,” said Rodrigues.

“As Mr Ayers is also the minister for Western Sydney we are excited by the opportunity to rebuild Sydney’s night time economy – not just in the inner city – but also in a manner shaped by and welcoming to greater Sydney.”

“We also welcome the development of a Exposure Draft Bill with Liquor and Gaming which we anticipate will explore and review a lot of the ‘night-tape’ associated with liquor licensing – and we look forward to share and provide useful learnings and opportunities from what has been working, and what reform could be introduced, from the night time industry hospitality and bars sector, alongside other industry bodies,” said Rodrigues.

NTIA acknowledges, based on the Joint Select Committee report’s recommendations, lockouts will not be lifted in Kings Cross although there is a pathway for review of this to occur within 12 months, “Lockouts in any part of Sydney are detrimental to the city’s global brand and so industry needs to demonstrate its resolve to the lockout’s final removal by defining a new future for the Cross. There are a range of potential opportunities to revitalise this area such as increasing it’s theatre potential to be a ‘go-to precinct for the arts and theatre. This would go a long way to bringing a diversity of night life to Kings Cross,”

Safety of the community still is and will always be at the heart of a successful nightlife. Many other major cities both in Australia and overseas get the balance right. There’s so much more Sydney is capable of, and we’re pleased to see this one out of the “too hard” basket and into public discussion, so Sydney can enjoy a safe, fun and vibrant atmosphere from twilight to late night that locals and visitors can enjoy.” said Rodrigues.

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  • Kerri Glasscock, CEO, Sydney Fringe Festival
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