Sydney, 26 August 2022: The Night Time Industries Association supports the safety and anti-harassment policy introduced by Sydney clubbing institution Club 77. 

The policy and its initiatives seek to provide a more inclusive, safe and harmonious clubbing environment from a diverse group of patrons who want to have a night out free of unwanted attention.

The steps taken by Club 77 have also been backed by members of the NTIA’s Youth Advisory Council – a group of 18-30 year old Sydnesiders providing advice and counsel to the NTIA and its members on nightlife.

NTIA CEO Mick Gibb says a step toward safety is a step in the right direction.

“It’s great to see Club 77 take a leading role in promoting greater safety for its patrons. This step toward greater safety and inclusion is what the NTIA’s Youth Advisory Council have been looking for on a night out.

“Leers and jeers from across the room are the last thing anyone wants to experience on a night out. This is positive action that will make people feel safer and more likely to go out and stay out.

“Club 77 is making its values very clear. As a key part of our city’s nightlife, Club 77 is taking on the role of educating patrons about what is and isn’t appropriate on a night out.”

The Youth Advisory Council echoed the statements with Youth Advisory Council member Adrien Moffatt commenting that times have changed and safety is the predominant concern.

“When people go out they want to feel safe. There’s no grey area when it comes to safety – you’re either in a safe environment or you’re not. It’s great to see Club 77 listening to the concerns of people who attend their venue and taking safety and security seriously.”

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